Host Housing Sign-Up Form

Monday, June 12-Sunday, June 18, 2017

Information for Hosts:

• All players have their own transportation.

• Meals are not required or expected, however appreciated when possible.

• If a player doing laundry poses a problem, let us know.

• Players have been instructed to contact you on Monday, June 12th. If this is not convenient please indicate below when you wish to be contacted.

• Some players may need earlier housing, please let us know if you are willing to house on Sunday, June 11th.

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Maximum number of players you wish to host (required):

If you housed specific Futures golfers in prior years and wish to host them again, please indicate their name(s) below:

Number of beds available (required):

Number of bathrooms available (required):

What is the smoking preference of your guest?:

Do you have pets?:

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